Life & Business In Post-COVID19 World

Wealth Matters Issue #52; May 14th 2020

Greetings in quarantine and I send all my best to you and your families in these different, sad, challenging, insightful, (sometimes boring), and uncertain times. I was fortunate enough two weeks ago to join 30 other leaders from the finance and crypto world on the stage via Zoom at #VBW2020 and felt the need to share this 28-minute video post with all of you that may have been busy watching or studying other things or enjoying Netflix at the time. I promise that I believe this context is more empowering than it is alarmist and the video below will do as great a job as I ever have laid out the road I believe we are on and ways to connect with me (and those mentioned) to dive deeper as you reshape your business model, investment portfolio and outlook.

The future will meet us better than the present and past, but it will be a bumpy road to that transformation for many and it is only in the service of others that we truly find fulfillment and meaning. I hope you receive this and any nuggets in the spirit of service with which I post it. All my best.

In wealth, Chris

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